How to Make Money from Content Creation in Nigeria

Let’s dive into the exciting world of content creation in today’s digital age. It’s an awesome way to express yourself, unleash your creativity, and make money. Nigeria, with its rich and diverse culture, offers incredible opportunities for content creators like us to thrive and turn our skills into a lucrative full-time or side hustle.

Just have a look at social media, and you’ll see new creators popping up every day, sharing all kinds of content. From hilarious comedy skits and insightful commentaries to thrilling crime stories, epic dance moves, and awesome music, there’s something for everyone. It’s a content bonanza out there!

Guess what? Even the OGs of the game, like Mark Angel, have noticed how much time people spend consuming content on social media. In a recent interview with Teju Babyface, he mentioned that the demand for content from creators like us is constantly growing. Isn’t that cool?

The best part is that getting started in this field doesn’t require much fancy equipment. All you need is an average smartphone and internet access. It’s a low barrier to entry, which means you can jump right in and start creating awesome content.

So, if you’ve got a passion for making videos, sharing your thoughts, or showcasing your talents, there’s no better time to get started. Grab your smartphone, unleash your creativity, and let’s make some magic happen on social media. The world is waiting for your unique voice and talent!

Remember, the sky’s the limit when it comes to content creation, and with dedication and a dash of creativity, you can turn your passion into a thriving online presence. Get out there, have fun, and make your mark in this exciting world of content creation!

In this blog post, we will explore effective strategies for content creators in Nigeria to turn their passion into a profitable venture.

Choose Your Niche

To stand out in the crowded digital space, it’s crucial to identify and specialize in a specific niche. Consider your interests, expertise, and the needs of your target audience. Whether it’s fashion, food, travel, comedy, dance, technology, or lifestyle, selecting a niche that resonates with you will allow you to create unique and compelling content that attracts a dedicated following.

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Learn Editing and Filmmaking

When it comes to thriving in the world of content creation, two skills stand out as absolute game-changers: editing and storytelling. These skills are the backbone of creating engaging and captivating content that keeps your audience hooked. While you can always outsource your editing tasks down the line, learning the ropes of editing early on gives you a solid foundation. It allows you to have creative control over your content and make it truly unique. Understanding filmmaking concepts like different angles, shots, the rule of thirds, and mastering sound and lighting is what sets you apart instantly. These elements are the secret sauce that makes a video truly outstanding. They bring your vision to life and create a professional and polished look. While it’s true that you can eventually delegate these aspects to experts, as a beginner, it’s essential to learn them yourself. Why? Well, knowing how to edit and being familiar with these production elements allows you to spot and correct mistakes instantly, ensuring your content shines from the get-go. So grab your camera, dive into the world of editing, and let your creativity soar!

If you’re looking for resources to sharpen your editing and storytelling skills, here are some recommended YouTube channels and other links to check out:

Studio Binder: First up, let’s talk about Studio Binder. They have a bunch of tutorials on filmmaking that are super helpful. Whether you’re just starting out or want to up your game, Studio Binder’s tutorials cover a wide range of topics. They’ll teach you everything from the basics of camera angles to advanced techniques in filmmaking.¬†

Shot Cafe-They’ve got a cool library of camera angles that can be a game-changer for you as a content creator. Having a variety of camera angles can make your videos more dynamic and interesting to watch. Shot Cafe’s library is like a treasure trove of different shots you can use to add flair to your content. So, whether you’re shooting vlogs, skits, or any other type of video, exploring Shot Cafe’s camera angles can really help you step up your content creation game. Give it a shot and see how it sparks your creativity!

Film Riot is a channel dedicated to filmmaking and visual effects tutorials. They provide in-depth tutorials, tips, and behind-the-scenes looks at the filmmaking process. You’ll find plenty of resources to enhance your editing and storytelling skills here.

Video Copilot: Video Copilot is a website that offers a wide range of tutorials and resources for visual effects and motion graphics. While it may be more advanced, exploring their tutorials can help you take your editing skills to the next level.

Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube Channel: If you’re using Adobe software like Premiere Pro for editing, the Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube channel is a fantastic resource. They regularly upload tutorials on various aspects of editing, including tips and tricks to improve your workflow.

No Film School: No Film School is an online platform that covers all aspects of filmmaking, including editing and storytelling. They offer articles, tutorials, and interviews with industry professionals, providing valuable insights and tips for content creators.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Experiment with different editing techniques, study successful storytelling examples, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Soon enough, you’ll be creating captivating content that leaves a lasting impact on your audience. Happy creating!


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Build and Grow Your Audience

Let’s talk about how to get your awesome content seen by more people, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

The speed at which your content reaches your target audience and gets to a wider audience can be influenced by your budget. But don’t worry, you don’t need a big budget to make an impact. One strategy is to have bigger accounts with a large following share your content on all platforms. This can help expose your content to a wider audience.

Here’s the deal: you can reach out to these bigger accounts and pay them to feature your content. It’s a way to leverage their influence and reach. By collaborating with them, you can tap into their audience and get your content in front of more people.

But here’s another important tip: don’t forget to rally your friends and those who are featured in your content. Encourage them to share and repost your content aggressively. Their support can make a big difference in spreading the word.

Remember, it’s not just about money but also about building relationships, engaging with your community, and getting others excited about your content. So, stay connected, collaborate, and encourage your friends and featured stars to share your content like crazy. Together, you can reach a wider audience and make a bigger impact.

Create Your Own Products or Services:

Creating and selling your own products or offering services can be a great way to diversify your income as a content creator. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Digital Products: You can develop e-books, guides, or online courses that cater to the interests and needs of your audience. If you have expertise in a particular subject, you can share your knowledge and insights through these digital products. For example, if you’re a fitness content creator, you could create an e-book with workout routines and healthy recipes.

Consulting and Coaching: Leverage your skills and expertise to provide consulting or coaching services to businesses or individuals. For instance, if you’re a successful social media content creator, you could offer consulting services to help businesses improve their online presence and engagement.

Content Creation Services: If you have a knack for creating high-quality content, consider offering your services to businesses or individuals who need help with content creation. This could include writing blog posts, managing social media accounts, or creating video content. Many businesses are willing to pay for professional content creators who can help them reach and engage their target audience.

When creating your own products or offering services, it’s essential to understand your audience and their needs. Take the time to research and identify what your audience is looking for, and tailor your offerings accordingly. Providing value and solving their problems will increase the chances of success.

Additionally, be sure to market your products or services effectively. Utilize your existing platform and social media channels to promote your offer. Engage with your audience and tell them how your products or services can benefit them.

Remember, creating and selling your own products or offering services can provide additional income streams and expand your influence as a content creator. It’s an opportunity to share your expertise, help others, and grow your brand.


Partnerships and Advertising 

When you watch comedy skits or videos, you might notice that some creators promote ads from betting sites or other services. This is a common way for content creators to earn income through advertising partnerships.

Advertising partnerships work by companies paying content creators to promote their products or services to the creator’s audience. In the case of betting sites, they might approach comedy skit creators because they believe their audience would be interested in their services.

While advertising partnerships can be a source of income, it’s important for content creators to consider the impact on their audience. Some creators carefully choose partnerships that align with their values and the interests of their viewers. They ensure that the products or services they promote are something they genuinely believe in and can recommend to their audience.

However, it’s also essential for creators to be mindful of the potential influence advertising can have on their audience. They should consider the age and demographics of their viewers and be responsible in the types of products or services they promote.

Ultimately, the decision to include ads in their content is up to the content creator. They need to strike a balance between earning income and maintaining the trust and loyalty of their audience. It’s important for creators to be transparent about any sponsored content and to consider the potential impact on their viewers.

Stay Updated and Evolve

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, so it’s essential to stay updated with the latest trends, platforms, and technologies. Keep a pulse on emerging social media platforms and adapt your content strategy to meet the changing preferences of your audience. Continuously learn and acquire new skills to stay ahead of the curve and maintain your competitive edge.

Common Mistakes by New Content Creators

New content creators often make some common mistakes when starting out. One of these mistakes is trying to replicate everything about the content creators they admire. They might copy their lines, way of walking, catchphrases, and appearance exactly. While it’s natural to be inspired by others, it’s important to find your own unique voice and style.

Austin Kleon’s book, “Steal Like an Artist,” offers some creative solutions to this challenge. Instead of copying everything, Austin suggests that you take inspiration from multiple sources and blend them together to create something new. This way, you can develop your own original content that reflects your personality and creativity.

Another mistake new content creators make is not paying attention to their audience. It’s essential to understand who your target audience is and what they enjoy. Creating content that resonates with your audience will help you connect with them and build a loyal following.

Additionally, new content creators often underestimate the importance of consistency. Consistency means regularly producing content and maintaining a consistent quality and style. It helps you build trust with your audience and keeps them engaged. Setting a schedule for content creation and sticking to it can make a big difference in growing your channel or platform.

Lastly, new content creators sometimes overlook the importance of engaging with their audience. Interacting with your viewers through comments, messages, or live sessions helps you build a community and shows that you value their support. Responding to their feedback and suggestions can also help you improve your content and make it more enjoyable for them.

By being mindful of these common mistakes and implementing the suggestions from Austin Kleon’s book, you can avoid pitfalls and develop your own unique content creation journey. Remember to stay true to yourself, be consistent, and actively engage with your audience.

Networking and Collaboration

Networking is an important aspect of being a content creator, but sometimes new creators make the mistake of solely focusing on tagging popular blogs or influencers without paying enough attention to the quality and appeal of their own videos. Instead of ensuring their videos are genuinely funny and properly edited, they may rely on the hope that getting featured by popular blogs will bring them success overnight. However, success in the industry requires much more than just tagging and hoping for attention.

To truly stand out and succeed, content creators must be ready to match the best in the industry. This means putting in the effort to create high-quality, engaging, and entertaining content that resonates with their target audience. It’s not just about being funny; it’s about delivering content that is well-crafted, well-edited, and captures the attention of viewers.

Many examples of hard-working content creators in the industry can serve as inspiration. These creators have dedicated countless hours to perfecting their craft. They focus on constantly improving their skills in areas such as storytelling, humor, editing techniques, and understanding their audience’s preferences. They pay attention to details, ensuring that their videos are not only funny but also visually appealing and polished.

Networking is still important, but it should go hand in hand with creating great content. Building genuine relationships with other creators, industry professionals, and your audience can provide valuable support, collaboration opportunities, and exposure. However, it’s crucial to remember that networking alone will not guarantee success if your content does not meet the standards of the industry and audience expectations.

So, as a content creator, prioritize creating videos that are genuinely funny, well-edited, and crafted with care. Learn from the hard-working creators in the industry and strive to match their dedication and quality. Combine this with effective networking, and you’ll be on your way to making a name for yourself in the content creation world.

Dezny- The Case study

Let me introduce you to this awesome content creator named Dezny. He’s seriously impressive because he puts a ton of effort into his videos to make them stand out.

First off, his scripting and costuming skills are on point. He plans out what he will say and do in his videos, making sure his stories are fun and interesting. And he pays attention to his outfits, which brings his ideas to life.

What’s cool about Dezny is that he uses signage in his videos. These signboards add context to his stories and make them even more hilarious and entertaining.

But here’s where it gets really interesting. Dezny has this knack for unconventional storytelling. Instead of doing things the same way as everyone else, he tells his stories uniquely and excitingly. It keeps his viewers hooked and eager to see what happens next.

And let’s not forget about his intros and hooks. His video intros are attention-grabbing from the get-go, and the hooks he throws in are so exciting or funny that you just can’t stop watching. He’s a master at making his videos super engaging from the start.

Now, here’s an important thing to know. Dezny’s comedy style requires a lot of hard work and dedication. He spends loads of time planning, filming, and editing his videos to make them funny and entertaining. He also talks about funding, which means having money to buy fancy filming gear. But don’t stress if you don’t have all the expensive stuff. Many successful creators started small and grew their businesses over time.

So, if you’re into making videos and being funny like Dezny, remember that hard work and dedication are crucial. You can start with what you have and grow your skills and audience. With practice and a dash of creativity, you can create amazing videos just like Dezny. Keep having fun, and never give up!


Becoming a successful content creator in Nigeria requires passion, perseverance, and business acumen. By choosing a niche, creating high-quality content, building a loyal audience, and exploring various monetization options, you can transform your content creation journey into a lucrative career. Embrace collaboration, protect intellectual property, and stay adaptable in the ever-changing digital landscape. With dedication, creativity, and a strategic approach, you can make money as a content creator and turn your dreams into reality.

Ohi Ozoya
Ohi Ozoya is the Founder at Leadbooks, a provider of bookkeeping, tax and advisory services to small and medium size companies.

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