Eon Foods: Reversing Chronic Illnesses With Food


There are a limited number of production companies that offer truly life-changing opportunities to their clients through the products they produce, but one company is doing just that. Eon Foods is one company that aims to tackle the ever-rising rate of chronic illnesses like Hypertension, Fibroid, and Diabetes in children and adults alike. According to its CEO, Nkechi Chimezie, food consumption plays a major role in causing these illnesses and as such carefully selected meal choices can reverse the effect of these diseases.

For Nkechi, having worked in the corporate sector for over fourteen years, the journey into
entrepreneurship was not an easy one as it was a new terrain but the experience she has garnered has come in handy to manage her business.

While production started at their Abuja office in January 2018, the company incorporated food synergy in their food processing production mix in order to curate healthier food options for their customers. Food synergy is basically blending foods that complement one another in a quest to make the health of the consumer better with the maximum nutrition.

Currently, the company produces a total of thirteen products with ten unripe plantain-based variants and a trio of sweet potato-based variants making up the rest of their product line. Distribution has however improved immensely and the business has acquired stockists who help improve access to the customers.

Apart from the problem of financing that many startups face, epileptic power supply and the increase in the cost of power are major challenges. Power issues pose a huge challenge to Eon’s operations as they sometimes have to power, for example, the dehydrating machine which is used for removing the water content in plantain for a stretch of twelve hours. Such is Eon Foods reliance on electricity for its operations that whenever power from the public grid is unavailable the next available option is generators which is powered by diesel or petrol which increases the running costs of the business.

The CEO says that her company’s biggest achievement is the efficacy of their products which is reinforced when they hear positive feedback from clients who testify about the improvement in their health after using Eon Foods products.

The company’s growth strategy has been anchored on word-of-mouth campaigns and using content marketing on social media to educate its audience on healthy food choices and driving engagement

Nkechi advises entrepreneurs who want to venture into production to be ready to brave the odds as there are too many challenges one has to surmount. “You have to be at your toughest to be able to survive as you have to scale hurdles like double taxation, the high costs of registering products, etc.”. She advocates for a dedicated agency to help SMEs with compliance as it would make it easier for entrepreneurs who run small businesses to succeed

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